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Hall of Honor

These people are founding members and past directors of the Education Foundation and helped make GCEF what it is today.

Diana Collins

Board Member 2006-2007

Teri Deweber

Founding Member 1999-2007 - Served as Executive Director

Rick Bacon

Founding Member 1999-2006

Desta Crooks

Board Member 2002-2006

Ruth Sellers

Board Member 2004-2006

Pat Bailey

Founding Member 1999-2005

Carel Gotcher

Board Member 2004-2005

Nancy White

Board Member 2002-2004

Fred Contreras

Founding Member 1999-2004

Rick Doss

Board Member 2002-2003

Cindy Jetton

Founding Member 1999-2002

Donna Ripley

Founding Member 1999-2002

Mary Calhoun

Founding Member 1999-2002/p>

Joyce Teeters

Founding Member 1999-2001

H. R. Stubblefield

Founding Member 2000-2001

Reanna Riley

Founding Member 1999-2000

Brad Winchester

Founding Member 1999-2000

Eva O'Conner

Board Member - 2004-2010

Doug O'Conner

Board Member- 2004-2010

Jim Crawford

Board Member 2003

Katie Franklin

Board Member 2003-2009

Joan Tubbs

Board Member 2007

Leroy Ingham

Board Member 2006-2010

Donna Hill

Board Member

April Lowrance

Board Member

Teresa Ireland

Board Member

Alma Camarillo

Board Member

James Valadez

Board Member

Mike Diaz

Board Member

Lauren Fortier

Board Member