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Supporting the students of GCISD

In May of 1999, a group of 11 people assembled for the purpose of forming a support organization to the Grape Creek Independent School District. The GCEF is a nonprofit 501C3 organization registered with the IRS. This enables the foundation to acquire grants and donations to enhance the educational opportunities for all students in the Grape Creek ISD school community.

Grape Creek is about 10 miles north west of San Angelo, Texas.

8207 U.S. Hwy 87 N. San Angelo, TX 76901 USA

San Angelo Gives is May 4

You can support GCEF by donating on this day. Our goal this year is to raise $3,000. The past year was challenging for all and our donations were down considerably. We are still giving scholarships to graduating seniors and school supplies to students that need them. We are still trying to fill a need for the Grape Creek community. Please mark this date on your calendar and consider making a donation to us so that we can help our our community.

Welcome To GCEF

GCEF provides the Grape Creek community with educational opportunities, students with school supplies, teachers with supplies and Just Imagine grants, and graduating seniors with scholarships.

We provide school supplies to students and teachers

Many students attending Grape Creek need school supplies when they start the new year. The high mobility of our population means that new students entering at mid-year also need school supplies.

We work with local businesses and churches to furnish supplies for these students and also provide class room supplies for teachers that are needed. Grants for special projects can be applied for by teachers for amounts of up to $500.

Just Imagine Grants

The GCEF provides Just Imagine grants up to $500 to teachers for use in their classrooms.

Graduating seniors can apply for scholarships

The GCEF provides scholarships to graduating seniors to attend higher education and trade schools.